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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Series is a Hit with Animal Loving Readers

Nigel and I enjoyed several weeks of Friday book club meetings  with four animal loving, thoughtful awesoome fourth grade readers.   I had just read the first book in Wendy Orr's Rainbow Street Shelter Series and was curious what students thought of the book.  I enjoyed the plot twists and the all-important messages related to responsible animal care, friendship and changing family situations.  The  group unanimously felt the same!

I would recommend the book, Missing, A Dog Called Bear  because it talks about a boy who lost his dog, and a girl who found it...The boy called the dog Bear and the girl called the dog Surprise.  It had a happy ending!  wrote Sandy

I will recommend the book to my classmates because  a lot of students have lost a pet.  Maybe my classmates like happy endings.   The ending was when a girl named Hannah got a dog and Logan (the boy) found Bear/Surprise.  wrote Jesse

I would recommend this book because it is very good.  The dog named Bear was always all right and was very friendly.  This book really teaches people a lesson not to say something hurtful to your dog or something really awful might happenwrote Adara

I would recommend Lost: A Dog Called Bear because it is a good book.  It has an exciting twist when a dog called Bear is accidentally called Surprise by a girl named Hannah.  Also, when he (Bear) is found by his owner, Logan, everything gets better because Hannah gets her own dog and it ends with a happy ending.  wrote Charles

Not only did the foursome highly recommend the book, but they were eager to read the next book in the Rainbow Street Series -- Missing: A Cat Called Buster.  Unfortunately, the school year is ending and so is our reading group, so Nigel and I won't be participating in the lively discussion that I'm certain Charles, Adara, Jesse and Sandy will have as they reconnect with Mona, at Rainbow Street Shelter, and meet Buster, Mr. Larsen, and Josh.  To find out more about these books and other in the series visit the Rainbow Shelter Series Facebook Page.

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